• Real Estate Coaching Training

    There’s never been a better time to finally take control of your income, leverage low-cost technology, and create the freedom and life you’ve always wanted.

    Meet Laura Al-Amery. Since starting in real estate investing in 1987, she has been a successful real estate investor and has also trained other investors to follow her suit.

    She takes pride in making her real estate coaching training affordable to everyone and she is always easily reachable, that is why she is called the “approachable real estate coach.”

    Real estate investing is an ever evolving business – books and resources become outdated. Laura Al-Amery is always testing and staying current on all the strategies that will help achieve the winning edge in real estate investing, while minimizing the learning curve and maximizing the efforts. Most people get into real estate investing because they are tired of trading “Time for Dollars” – real estate investing can certainly provide anyone with the financial and time freedom, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with running your own business.

    Like with every business, the learning curve in the beginning can be very steep. However you can learn by doing – nothing is better in starting making money while learning at the same time! Laura’s real estate coaching training is designed to be just that – a hands on approach to real estate investing, where you can learn by doing. Laura’s step-by-step practical and simplified training will help you build a successful real estate business in a short time period.

    She has created several Products and Programs, which span from beginner real estate investing to experienced and in a variety of real estate niches, from wholesaling to buy and hold, to private funding, commercial real estate, tax liens and tax deed, and more added frequently.

    Take a moment to browse through this website – you will find a lot of  FREE Resources and Training.

    Also Laura is available for complimentary consultations via phone or email. Call today or schedule a Consultation Call at your convenience.